NATOMAS (CBS13) – Home surveillance video shows crowds of people watching cars take over the streets of Manera Rica and Natomas Central in Natomas over the weekend.

In the video, you can hear loud engines and screeching from cars doing donuts. One of the cars gets dangerously close to not one but two spectators.

“There was at least 200 people all lined up around this court,” a neighbor described.

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Jarred, who didn’t want to share his last name, showed the area where crowds of people and cars flooded his neighborhood.

Obtained by CBS13

He says that, at one point while capturing cellphone video of what was going on in order to report to police, someone in the crowd got rowdy with him.

“Alcohol actually got thrown on me by one of the people that were spectating,” he explained.

The recent sideshow isn’t the first time officers have responded to Natomas. And while the Department didn’t have exact numbers available, last September, a Sac State student was hit and nearly killed while watching a sideshow in Natomas.

We asked Sacramento police why Natomas seems to be a hot spot for sideshows.

They say there’s isn’t a specific reason, but other popular areas include Delta Shores and Warehouse districts on the east side.

We asked Jarred the same question.

“It was a wide-open court in that regard, like it was very easy for them I think just to have as much space as possible and I think also not having a fear of repercussions,” he said.

Officers arrested three people for pursuit and reckless driving.