FOLSOM (CBS13) — Fanning out in the fields near Folsom, a special search team was in a race against time Thursday night.

They’re not looking for a missing person or a suspect wanted by police. They were searching for an orange glow before the sun set on a deer in distress.

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It doesn’t get any more peaceful than this. A young buck basking in the subtle serenity of the change in seasons. But something else is in the air this time of year that’s quite the opposite of this deep breath moment.

It’s mating season. Testosterone flows freely as bucks battle. It’s these aggressive moves that have gotten one certain buck in a bit of a bind.

Lynne Kennings saw it Tuesday night.

“It’s got a lot of orange stuff wrapped around its head,” she said.

That orange stuff? Construction fencing. Experts say the buck saw it as a threat.

“They go toward anything that they see to fight, to spar, and they get themselves in a lot of trouble,” said Leslie Ackerman.

Nature lovers are troubled by the trouble.

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“Obviously it affects its vision and it can’t get—it’s not going to be able to eat,”

The Gold Country Wildlife team saw images of the buck and knew a trip to these fields near Folsom was a must to try and find the embattled animal before some other creature does.

“One, they can’t get away. And two, they’re very easy for coyotes or mountain lions depending on where it is. Easy dinner for them,” Ackerman said.

Another added danger? A showdown over supremacy can turn into a tangled tussle.

“It’s just with this stuff tangled in their antlers, then you got two bucks stuck instead of just one,” Ackerman said.

A deer in distress can turn into a double dilemma.

The race to set it free is on before it’s too late. Now once they find him, they’re not going to dart the poor guy. Other rescuers will come in to try and set him free.

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By the way, if you happen to live in Folsom and spot him, call Gold Country Wildlife.