SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There have been more homeless sweeps on Sacramento streets.

The Caltrans controversy is continuing. After clearing two encampments in the past couple days, the state agency announced it has identified nine more homeless encampments inside city limits it also intends to clear.

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Publicly, for now, the state agency won’t say which ones they plan to remove. The homeless crisis is now pitting Sacramento City Hall against the agency.

Councilmember Katie Valenzuela says Caltrans is not communicating with the city about its homeless sweep plans in a way that is helping move unsheltered people into areas away from neighborhoods and businesses.

“What exactly is the outcome they’re looking for here?” Valenzuela asked. “What happened today is that folks moved two blocks over, still on their right of way. It doesn’t solve any problem and it causes a lot of trauma and wastes a lot of resources.”

Now Caltrans confirms they have identified nine more homeless encampments they intend to clear. Valenzuela says no one has told her where.

“No they have not told me,” Valenzuela said.

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Caltrans spokesperson Matt Rocco issued a statement reading:

“The department has already contacted the city to offer those living at the encampment with resources and services for better living situations. Timing is tentative, but once we work with the city, we will provide a 72-hour notice to the encampment occupants.”

CBS13 has obtained a Caltrans letter to a city of Sacramento staff member identifying one encampment under the Capitol City Freeway set for clearing next week. It involves the removal of one to three people.

The email includes the line: “Please respond back with a reply to all to confirm if you are/are not  able to assist…”

“To have them sweep people like this and have us pick up the damage at the end is just unacceptable,” Valenzuela said.

Sacramento’s homeless crisis is now leading to a communication breakdown between the city and the state.

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On Tuesday, Caltrans cleared 29th Street between F and G streets of a homeless encampment. The people who were cleared moved one street away and set up their tents.