SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Video of a brazen stabbing and attack had neighbors in Yuba County on edge.

A Linda man was stabbed at his own front door, and the suspect, who posed as a delivery man, now faces attempted murder and burglary charges.

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The family was still too shaken up to appear on camera. But after we showed the victims two sons the suspect’s photo they identified him as an old friend from high school.

He was identified as Daniel Solis, 30, and is accused of breaking into the Espinoza home in Linda on Friday.

He showed up posing as a delivery man with a black face mask, hoodie and an iPhone box in his hand.

The family Ring camera shows the suspect forcing the victim, 59, back into his house and then pulling out a knife. He tells the victim to “get down” and then you hear someone yell out in pain.

Deputies say, after the stabbing, Solis quickly rode away on his bike. The family tells us he left with nothing but the knife in his hand.

He was arrested Sunday at a home about five minutes away from the crime scene.

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The victim’s two sons say Solis was a good student who they heard was going through a tough time, but that he knew this​ as their family home.

They still don’t know what would motivate what they called a random attack.

“He came in and stabbed the guy. That was ridiculous,” said neighbor Larry Lang.

Neighbors now taking no chances with their home security.

“I have a peephole. I don’t answer my door if I don’t know you,” said neighbor Dottie Smith.

“Be aware of everything. Don’t leave anything to chance,” said Lang.

The victim is expected to make a full recovery and was expected to be released from the hospital by Monday night.

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The suspect is in the Yuba County Jail on $1 million bail.