RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Rancho Cordova and Citrus Heights have been ranked as the cities with the “rudest” drivers in the country.

City officials, however, are criticizing the study’s data.

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The study was compiled in August by car insurance quote shopping website Insurify by analyzing its database of millions of applications this year.

Researchers looked at several categories of infractions – including rates of failure to stop, failure to yield, tailgating, illegal passing, improper backing, hit-and-runs, and street racing – to rank cities by rudest drivers.

Not only did Rancho Cordova get hit with the worst rude driving rate (65.37 per 1,000 drivers, versus the national average of 22.65 per 1,000) in California, it also topped the nation.

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Rancho Cordova got particularly bad marks for its failure to stop rate, at 56.33 per 1,000 drivers. However, nearby Citrus Heights ranked the worst in terms of failure to stop rate – probably contributing to it ranking second in the nation for rudest drivers.

City officials say they have gone through their own data that accounts for all citations issued in Rancho Cordova 2021 and found that the rate of “rude” violations is considerably lower, at just 1.8 per 1,000 residents.

They also called out the selective bias of Insurify’s data set, noting that the statistics that gave Rancho Cordova such a poor ranking is coming only from people who applied for insurance through the company.

“Look at the source: Insurify is a an insurance broker with a vested interest in selling auto insurance,” city officials said in a statement.

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Insurify says their analysis found Somerset, KY as the city with the most polite drivers in the nation – with a rude driving rate of just 1.62 per 1,000.