SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday released footage of a carjacking suspect’s assault of a sheriff deputy and subsequent arrest.

The suspect—Darren Stone, 26—is accused of assaulting at least two elderly people, including his own grandmother, and hitting a sheriff’s deputy in the head with a rock. Stone remains in the hospital after being shot during a struggle with law enforcement.

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Footage released by the sheriff’s office shows Stone ignoring a deputy’s commands to put his hands up and stop moving.

“Stop right there. You’re going to get bit by my dog. Stop right there. Get your hands up, bro,” you hear the deputy tell the man on his body camera.

Just seconds later, Stone is seen striking the officer with a rock.

“The suspect, with the large rock still in his hand, struck the deputy so hard that the rock bounced and traveled several feet from the initial impact causing him to become dazed and disoriented,” Sgt. Rod Grassman said in a video news release.

A struggle between the two occurs until the officer fires multiple shots at the suspect, hitting him twice. More law enforcement officials arrive at the scene just moments later and take an injured Stone into custody.

The footage can be seen in full here. (Warning: Viewer discretion is advised)

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The arrest is shown from multiple angles, including a patrol car’s dashcam.

Before the shooting, Stone was accused of assaulting and carjacking his grandmother, who was later found bloodied with a broken arm in the street by authorities. The sheriff’s office said Stone later crashed the car in a ditch outside a resident’s home along Maple Glen Road.

Home security footage from near the crash site shows the speeding vehicle through the street and you can hear the crash happen off in the distance. An elderly resident from the home Stone crashed in front of went out to see if he was OK. The sheriff’s office said Stone physically assaulted that person as he exited the crashed vehicle.

Following that second assault, Stone walked southbound on Maple Glen Road and attempted to enter a residence, the sheriff’s office said. When no one answered, the suspect left the porch to pick up a rock and returned to the door, knocked and waited for someone to answer.

No one answered, so the suspect continued walking down Maple Glen Road. At this time, the sheriff’s office said the deputy who shot Stone arrived at the scene.

The sheriff’s office said the deputy suffered a concussion from the attack and is expected to make a full recovery. He is expected to return to full duty soon.

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Stone was already on felony probation for resisting a peace officer and domestic violence. Once released from the hospital he’ll go straight to the Sacramento County main jail on multiple felony charges.