SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A case that started out as a deadly hit-and-run on Highway 50 last month has taken a darker turn.

The family of Dominic Dagsher, 22, is pushing for answers after learning he was stabbed repeatedly the same night of the crash that killed him.

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CBS13 spoke with Dominic’s mom, Renee Dagsher. She said he wanted to write and play music. Dominic was a kind man who started his own window cleaning business at 19.

“It’s a 22-year-old’s life that was taken. That was taken in such a horrific way for absolutely no reason,” Renee Dagsher said.

On August 12, police showed up at Renee Dagsher’s door. Dominic had crashed into the median on Highway 50 near Prairie City Road and Folsom. And after getting out of the car, he was hit by another car on the opposite side of the highway.

But it wasn’t until six days later that his mom learned about the stab wounds. She said he had multiple.

“For us, we don’t know if he was chased down the highway and that caused his accident, or somebody was in his vehicle and attacking him while he was driving,” Dagsher said.

According to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, Dominic’s official cause of death is multiple stab wounds and multiple blunt force injuries.

On the night of his death, his mom said he was home but left around 12:30 a.m. after checking the fridge.

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“We’re thinking he went out to get food. It didn’t appear that he was heading out to meet someone. He wasn’t dressed to meet someone,” she said.

Two hours later, Dominic was dead. At this point, it’s unclear how the stab wounds and the hit-and-run are connected or if the same person is involved.

All the California Highway Patrol could tell us was that they are investigating.

“It’s just that kind of evil is in our world and it’s really hard to imagine that it exists,” Dagsher said.

Dominic has five siblings. His mom said he will miss weddings, dinners and nieces and nephews. Amid grief, she’s still missing half the story.

“It’s like living in anxiety and stress every day you just think about it. It’s all I think about all day,” she said.

Dominic’s family believes somebody knows something. Somebody saw something. They hope they come forward.

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Dominic was driving a 1989 red Nissan truck that night. His mom said the suspect’s car definitely has front-end damage.