SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With new cases of the delta variant popping up across the region, it’s become clear the pandemic is far from over. And some frontline workers who have been feeding everyone say they need a break.

What’s good for business can lead to the need for a break, according to Vicky Robertson, the director of catering at Mulvaney’s B&L restaurant.

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“It was constant,” she said. “If I didn’t get to the phone, it was the emails that came in—45 reservations. Families, meals, dinner, birthday parties.”

Mulvaney’s is going to shut down from August 29 to September 7 to take a much-needed breather after reopening for indoor dining on June 15, while continuing to feed thousands across the area with their meal program.

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Customers hungry for their catering services meant shifts went from 4-5 days a week to 6-7 days a week for employees like Luis Garcia.

“Everybody understands weekends are long shifts, but in the week, there is nobody—it’s maybe 5-6 hours,” he said. “Working those long hours Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday.”

An industry-wide staffing shortage that led to all hands on deck is resulting in a little downtime before they ramp up for the rest of the year.

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“So everybody can regroup, rest and come back refreshed,” Robertson said.