FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – Police are investigating a murder in Fairfield after, they said, a 14-year-old shot another young man of the same age.

The teen’s body was found near the train tracks on State Street.

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Fairfield Police say the original call was to someone believed to be hit by a train but learned when they arrived the young man had been shot.

The discovery led to shock for business owners like Jocelyn Vo, who owns a nearby nail salon.

“I was surprised to see that,” Vo said. “It’s so sad – you know? I have kids, too.”

The call came in early Sunday morning, around 2:30 a.m., when someone stumbled upon the body and called 911.

“They did the right thing…they went and found a business open to get a hold of us,” said Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen, with the Fairfield Police Department. He, like many others, is saddened by the situation.

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“Any time you have youth involved. It’s heartbreaking,” Jacobsen said. “It’s going to impact everyone in a less than desirable way.”

Lt. Jacobsen said the 14-year-old teen booked into juvenile hall for the crime now faces murder charges. As the investigation continues to unfold, it hasn’t been revealed how the two teens knew each other or what the motive may have been. But Lt. Jacobsen said the impact of youth violence hits hard.

“No one wins in this situation; we have a youth who has died,” he said. “And another who has to go through the system of seeing what happened.”

A shooting involving two young teens, he says, is rare. As for the area, nearby business owners, like Carlos, say there are often homeless camping along the tracks and high schoolers passing through to Suisun City.

“They break in the fence and everything to go to the other side,” Carlos said.

Though he said there’s rarely any serious criminal activity, and now wondering how and why a crime so serious happened so close to home.

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Police aren’t named the victim, per the family’s request. The 14-year-old suspect will have to be named by the courts – as he is also a minor. Fairfield PD said they also don’t believe the shooting was gang-related, and hope to quash any rumors before they start.