LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — It was a scary few moments for a family at Lake Tahoe on Monday when a storm changed conditions quickly, leading to a nine-year-old boy and his family being rescued.

Tahoe Douglas Fire officials say a family was out on the water near Marla Bay on the Nevada side for a reunion when the storm rolled in.

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The family after getting back on shore safely. (Photo obtained by CBS13)

The storm brought with it three-to-four-foot waves, officials say. As it so happened, the boat also ran out of gas at the same time as waves started.

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It was at this point that a nine-year-old boy slipped into the water. He had a life jacket on, officials say, but the two men who jumped in after the boy did not.

The boy and his father managed to paddle and stay afloat, but the second man started struggling in the rough waters. Family then called 911 and started to try and get the attention of other boaters.

A good Samaritan who was boating by noticed the scene and managed to get to the people in the water. With that passerby and his family’s help, the boy, his father, and the other man who jumped in were rescued.

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After being refilled with gas, the boat was able to take the family back to shore.