SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s an opportunity to give families a hand up by helping put new shoes on their children’s feet.

Sacramento organization Voice of the Youth has been buying up some of the most popular shoe styles, to give children in need the smile they need.

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The free shoes may be for children’s feet, but the idea is to lift their spirit.

“It’s a sense of pride, a self-esteem booster when you can walk in with some fresh shoes just out the box,” said Voice of the Youth Director Berry Accius.

Accius is heading the shoe drive with the help of volunteers, lining them up for the free giveaway that’s just a week away.

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“So families don’t have to stress, kids don’t have to stress, and kids can walk into summer, finish summertime, and walk into school fresh,” he said.

Accius has already purchased 200 boxes of shoes for boys and girls. It’s an opportunity to help children feel their best and put their best foot forward, especially on the heels of the pandemic.

“The last thing I think families want to worry about is having to buy a fresh pair of Jordans, Adidas, Nike, and understanding sometimes you have to pick the meal before the shoe,” Accius said.

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The non-profit is still looking for more shoe donations. The free shoe giveaway is set for next Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Families can register with Voice of the Youth online to participate.