YUBA CITY (CBS13) — A shocking car crash in Yuba City was caught on a truck’s dashcam video which shows a vehicle flying through the air before slamming into the road below.

Shocking screams could be heard from the family in the truck as they looked on as the car catapults off Highway 99.

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“Pretty crazy to see someone flying through the air,” said Brian Conejo, who works at Mechanical and Irrigation Solutions.

Conejo watched the crash on the company’s surveillance cameras.

The car can be seen banking off the roadway, through the air, and slamming into the roadway creating a massive plume of smoke.

“Probably caught like 50 feet of air, I’d say,” Conejo said.

He showed up for work Friday morning and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“On camera, we got to see the person actually beating the cars down the freeway—probably doing 80-100 miles per hour in a 25 zone,” Conejo said.

The California Highway Patrol says this vehicle had just been involved in a hit-and-run moments earlier. The car was driving backward on Highway 99 and exited an on-ramp.

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Conejo took us through the moments leading up to the crash.

“They came flying straight through here. There’s a really hard left-hand turn up here,” he said of the crash site. “They failed to make that turn, just kept going straight and literally went flying over the whole overpass.”

The vehicle slammed head-on into the ground and rolled over a couple of times before coming to a rest on its roof. Debris from the crash covered the roadway as the truck that captured the crash on its dashcam quickly came to a stop.

The woman behind the wheel survived, but that’s not the only miracle.

“It looks like they pretty much threaded the needle between the power lines,” Conejo said.

The car just narrowly passed through power lines barely missing one above it.

“We would have lost power, it probably would have started a fire in all that dead grass. It could have been a lot worse for them I’m sure,” Conejo said.

The California Highway Patrol said intoxication is not a factor. They were not able to provide more information on the initial hit-and-run or any potential charges for that.

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The woman behind the wheel was taken to a nearby hospital, and not only did she survive, but she walked out of that hospital with only minor injuries.