WOODLAND (CBS13) – What goes up must come down. It’s a lesson one Woodland family wants people to remember after their simple 4th of July celebration ended up leaving a stray bullet in the father’s foot.

The Worl family are happy to all be together in their Woodland home, after their 4th of July fireworks fun took an unexpected fun.

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“It was a fun thing that turned bad, real quick,” said Tianna Worl. Her husband Clayton felt a random, sharp pain in his foot.

“I thought maybe it was an ash or something from a firework,” she said.

But it was much worse. Clayton Worl described what he found, “Pulled the shoe off and it was a tiny bullet hole.”

(credit: Tianna Worl)

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A visit to the emergency room and x-rays revealing a stray bullet lodged beside his toes. He said doctors told him it likely came from a .22 caliber gun and could have been from someone shooting celebratory gunfire up above. The Worls have no idea where it came from. The entire experience, though, was frightening for the whole family.

“Wow —  he just jumps up and I run over to him,” Tianna explained. “Got the kids inside because who knows, the sky is falling.”

Days later, Clayton still has the bullet in his foot as he awaits surgery. But he hopes others may hear this story and think twice before sending off shots in the sky.

“What goes up must come down, but it’s going to land somewhere,” Clayton said. “Luckily it wasn’t someone’s head.”

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This family was thankful it wasn’t any worse. Woodland Police confirm they did take a police report, but the Worls aren’t sure they’ll ever know who shot the bullet into the sky.