MODESTO (CBS13) — A tragedy unfolded in Modesto after a fire trapped a family inside their home.

Fire officials said two adults are dead and two children were injured.

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On Wednesday night, the community gathered to honor and support the family they said was loved by everyone. They held a vigil just outside the home.

“It’s hard. It’s really hard,” said Diana Ponilla, a family friend. “We knew the kids. My daughter lives right here across the street.”

The burned exterior of the home is now surrounded by candles, hope and prayer.

“It’s horrific. They were a well-bonded family. They were always playing with their kids,” said Pamela Davis, a neighbor and family friend.

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Fire officials have not made any identification, but family friends said it was a mother and son who died in the fire. That mother is very well known in the neighborhood and was heard screaming for help when the fire broke out.

“I live down the street and I heard her. I didn’t know what it was but I heard her,” Davis said.

Family friends said she went back into the burning home to help her son.

“She went back in and as a mom, I would have went back for my son too,” said Emelda Solis, a neighbor.

Neighbors, family and friends joined together in their pain. Helping each other mourn a mother known for keeping the neighborhood kids fed and spreading love in her community.

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“She was just kind to everybody. When she was at the park, we knew our kids were safe,” Solis said.