SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An alleged drunk driver plowed into a group of cyclists on the American River Parkway, according to Sacramento police.

Sacramento Police said the driver somehow managed to get around the trail gates and onto the path. One cyclist is in critical condition.

Members of the cycling community are shocked something like this could happen. Police said the driver entered the bath path just off of Tribute Road.

“I’ve ever heard about that on the trail, so that person must have been very drunk,” said Donovan Lewis, a cyclist.

For local cyclists, a crash like this is their worst nightmare.

“You try to always think about those things, especially when you’re riding on the road. Obviously, you’re in that mindset but outside the road when you’re here you’re thinking you’re safe,” Lewis said.

Police said the driver was showing signs of being drunk on the scene. The driver has been arrested on Felony DUI and hit and run charges.

Local cyclists call it a tragedy you can’t prepare for.

“You don’t really have time to think about anything. Hopefully, you get out of the way as soon as you see it,” said Ben Nguyn, a cyclist.

Cyclists with a group called the Sacramento Wheelmen” say the victim was riding with them at the time of the accident.

We were told several other club members had to jump off the trail to avoid being hit.