SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We’ve seen a pop-up vaccine clinic in plenty of places.

But, getting a shot of Moderna with an order of a McFlurrie or a Pfizer dose with a fresh order of fries, now that’s different.

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“If that’s what gets them out. Chicken nuggets saved your life? Awesome!” Debbie Tillery, whose son was getting vaccinated at the McDonald’s on Richards Boulevard, said.

“Well you know, some people will do almost anything for a free Happy Meal,” Barbara Jans, who got vaccinated at the McDonald’s location on Freeport Boulevard, said.

California McDonald’s franchises are working with the Department of Public Health to give out free vaccines with a free menu item for those who get their shot.

And, people aren’t just heading to the Golden Arches over on Richards and Freeport for their free COVID vaccines. They’re heading to 70-plus locations across the state according to McDonalds.

“The state is giving away millions of dollars to do things to get people to get shots into their arms. And we are doing our little part,” Harris Liu, a local McDonald’s owner said.

Liu owns six McDonald’s in the City of Sacramento and six others in Solano and Yolo Counties that are partaking in the initiative.

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Some got their order of the vaccine think this approach will encourage more to get it.

“I think it makes it less intimidating than going, to say, a clinic. If it’s a little less formal, it’ll approach and appeal to more people,” Jans said.

“I can’t think of anything else that would be better that taking care of your health and two getting a free lunch out of us,” Liu said.

Liu says there are six more pop-clinics happening at the franchises he owns this week with follow-up clinics in July for those who need their second does.

And for those heading to McDonald’s to get vaccinated, well, they’re loving it.

“Even if it wasn’t McDonald’s, you know, they’re offering these services everywhere. Take advantage of it,” Tillery said.

There are no appointments needed for these McDonald’s vaccine appointments.

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Click here for more information on what McDonald’s locations are offering free vaccines and when they are happening.