CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – A parking lot hit-and-run crash exploded into a crowbar attack and then a gun battle in Carmichael on Monday.

In the end, four people were attacked and one of them died.

This bizarre incident consisted of two different crime scenes: one was a grocery store parking lot, and the other was a Carmichael Elks Lodge facility. That’s where, deputies say, the wife of one of the victims brought things to an end.

Dispatch audio described a man of a man in a black pickup truck who drove erratically over sidewalks and barriers

A witness tried to help after the truck rammed a person in the parking lot. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect then circled back and hit the good samaritan too. The first person who was hit died. The suspect then sped away, crashing into a car a block away near Cypress Avenue and Hackberry Lane.

“They pushed that vehicle approximately 100 yards down the street,” said Deputy Rod Grassman.

Investigators say the suspect then got out with what looked like a crowbar and started hitting the car and a third victim. The victim was able to get away with the help of a private security guard nearby.

The suspect then turned into the parking lot of the Elks Lodge on that street. Deputies say he took out a gun and approached a man in a trailer. The two got into a fight and the gun went off. It’s not clear if anyone was hit.

The fight ended when the victim’s wife came out of the trailer and shot the suspect.

Mike Guido says he drove by as the suspect was beating the third victim with the crowbar. Guido said he tried to help when the suspect hit his car with the weapon, leaving a large hole behind.

Guido said he left the scene when he saw the suspect had a gun

“He looked enraged like he had anger in his eyes…like something out of a movie,” he said.

The motive behind the attacks is still unclear, and it doesn’t look like any of the victims knew each other.

The suspect was treated and taken into custody.

Another fatal shooting happened on Monday. That one happened inside of a Carmichael apartment. Investigators say the two incidents are unrelated.