SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Day three of a dangerous heat wave and most people outdoors were turning to the water to keep cool.

At Nimbus Flat, it was a serene but scorching day as Lynne Scheeler tried to get through another day of heat with her kids.

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“Later in the day, it definitely gets a little miserable,” Scheeler said. “As long as you can find water, it makes it more survivable.”

Her family wasn’t the only group looking to soak up the summer sun.

“We needed to cool down,” said Erika, alongside her friends Kaylin and Jessica. “Having it change from 70s and 80s to 100s and 110s, that’s definitely something I’m not used to.”

Their trio was feeling stuffy inside, after dealing with triple digits for days.

“It was super hot, we didn’t leave the house at all,” Erika said.

But not everyone has that option. For others, it’s all work and no play.

“It’s draining,” said Solomon, who works in construction outdoors. “You don’t realize how tired you are because you’re used to working at your normal pace.”

He’s among those who have to be outside on the job. His colleague, Marco, said it feels like he’s working in a desert.

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“When it’s hot like this, you have to stay hydrated,” Marco said.

In other areas, some businesses bet on a heatwave of customers.

“We look forward to taking on this busy summer, right now is about when that big switch happens,” said Kent Hansen, owner of American River Rafting Rentals.

The big switch comes amid drought conditions. Hansen said for his business, though, things have been looking up.

“We’re still worried the water is going to go down,” Hansen said. “But in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten some water out there.”

His business isn’t the only one potentially benefitting from the heatwave. City Cruises in Old Sacramento set sail on Friday to make their post-pandemic return.

“It’s fabulous, it’s been about 18 months since this boat has operated,” said Chris Gallup, City Cruise’s Director of Operations.

He hopes people will welcome them back by beating the heat and taking in the sights on their ship.

“Get a little breeze going across you in this intense heat we’ve got,” said Gallup.

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Temperatures topped 109 degrees in downtown Sacramento on Friday. Because of that, though, some recommend staying home and avoiding the heat altogether.