DAVIS (CBS13) – Just a couple of days ahead of California’s reopening, the city of Davis held a Pride festival bringing crowds to Central Park.

There were still capacity rules in effect, but pictures show there was no cap on the entertainment.

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There was dancing in Davis, live music and a drag queen review for this festival celebrating a safe space with no fear.

Public health COVID guidelines are still in effect, while tickets and assigned seating were required with people spreading out in pods while watching the show.

Davis Mayor Gloria Partida joined the party.

“I think that people are really looking forward to getting out into the community, and getting back to some normalcy,” the mayor said.

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Melissa schiller is a local artist selling her crafts at the festival.

“It’s really cool to see everybody really comfortable and social and discussing stuff that’s important to them,” said Schiller, of Schiller Crafts.

Last year was remote and Zoom only. This year, she can make sales while celebrating Pride month.

“I have certain items that I made specifically for Pride, and it’s really cool to see people identify with them, like ‘Oh, I can get a Pokeball with a trans flag,’ ” Schiller said.

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Days away from California’s June 15 reopening, Davis Pride was bringing people together again.