SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We saw our first triple-digit of the year in Sacramento on Sunday, and on Monday, some areas around the region could see 105 degrees.

It’s definitely not easy to escape the heat, but we found people trying their best. Whether you’re on the water or it’s on you, people were doing whatever they can to cool off.

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“Probably going to take off the undershirt and splash somebody with water,” said Trinidad Vega, of Pleasanton.

“We are going river rafting today and hopefully every weekend of summer,” Fallyn Howe, of Oakley, said.

Howe was enjoying Memorial Day weekend with some friends. The group was one of many packing the Sunrise Recreation Areas in Rancho Cordova. With temps inching closer to the triple digits, it’s no surprise people headed out to the American River to beat the heat.

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“We used to do this every time when I was younger,” Vega said. “So it’s fun to come back and do it.”

Certainly, it’s something we haven’t seen in a while – crowds and even smiles without the masks. As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, many are more than happy to get outside and celebrate pre-pandemic style.

“It feels good because we were stuck in COVID for a long time, so it feels good to come back out,” said Cameron Kelly.

“So good because you know what, for a whole year we didn’t talk to anybody, didn’t get to go anywhere, and I’m so glad that it’s coming to an end and that we get to have fun,” Howe said.

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Here’s something to think about – American River Raft Rentals is offering 25% off its rafts and kayaks, but it’s for a limited time. And they do have rafts that can hold up to 12 people.