SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – California just launched its COVID-19 vaccine incentive program with a total of $116.5 million being awarded to a handful of people who get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The grand prize is $15 million split between 10 vaccinated Californians. Those ages 12 years and older are eligible.

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California isn’t the first state to roll out major vaccine incentives.

Ohio was the first state to announce a vaccine lottery. On Wednesday, a 22-year-old was revealed as the first winner of the $1 million prize.

“It was a Wednesday night that I’m never going to forget,” said.

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On Thursday, a 14-year-old received a full-ride scholarship to the University of Ohio as part of the state’s vaccine incentive program.


And it’s not just states that are offering vaccine rewards. CVS announced its own incentive program. People who get the shot at the pharmacy will be entered to win prizes like Super Bowl tickets, hotel stays, and a 7-day cruise.

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There’s a lot of buzz about the incentives, but will they bring about the expected results? Researchers at UCLA have been digging into this concept and here’s what they found: One-third of unvaccinated people say a cash payment would make them more likely to get the shot. The amount of the incentive matters. Thirty-four percent said they’d do it for $100. That drops to 28 percent for $25. And tell someone they no longer have to wear a mask? That spikes the willingness up 13 percentage points.