LOS ANGELES (CBS13) — California is starting its own COVID-19 vaccine incentive program that Gov. Gavin Newsom hopes will entice more people to get the shot.

A total of $116.5 million across several different prizes is being offered just for people to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

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The grand prize is $15 million split between 10 vaccinated Californians. People 12 years and older are eligible, but those under 18 will have the cash put in a savings account.

That drawing is set to happen on June 15. Everyone who already got their vaccine shot is automatically entered, officials say.

“Getting every eligible Californian vaccinated is how we bring our state roaring back from this pandemic,” said Newsom in a statement announcing the “Vax for the Win” program.

Even more people will be eligible to win the state’s $50,000 Fridays cash prizes. A total of 30 vaccinated Californians will be selected on June 4 and June 11 to get $50,000 each.

To try and nudge even more people to get vaccinated, the state is also offering $50 gift cards to the next 2 million fully vaccinated Californians starting on Thursday.

Officials say, as of Thursday, more than 36 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have already been administered in California. This means more than half of Californians have now received at least one dose.

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Still, public health leaders remain concerned about groups who are either having trouble accessing the vaccine or are hesitant to even get the shot.

The effort being announced Thursday aims to address those concerns – and hopefully encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Other states, like Ohio, have already started a “vaccine lottery” where people who get vaccinated for COVID-19 have a chance at winning $1 million. Ohio announced its first $1 million winner on Thursday.

Young people who get vaccinated, instead of a $1 million prize, have a shot at winning a full college scholarship in Ohio’s lottery.

New York and Maryland have also created COVID-19 vaccine lotteries to try and entice more people to get vaccinated.

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