SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Four mobile homes in Sacramento were destroyed by fire on Tuesday.

The fire happened at a mobile home park in the 7100 block of Tranquility Drive. According, to Sac Fire at least two homes are completely destroyed. Fire crews are investigating the cause of their fire they say spread fast, jumping from home to home.

“All four units were close together; that obviously had something to do with it. The fact that it’s hot and windy out and there was a lot of debris and combustibles in-between the four units,” said Darin Snedeker, Battalion Chief Sac Fire.

Jacqueline Aguilera-Linas was sleeping when she says someone knocked on her window to wake her up.

“I woke up to someone banging on the window from outside saying ‘Your house is on fire, your house is on fire get out!” explained Aguilera-Linas.

Aguilera-Linas said she barely got out before flames took over her home.

“I could see his room was already on fire, so it was just a matter of minutes, and the whole house was blazing,” she explained.

Paul Bedard was watching TV in the room next door and suspects the fire started in their shed.

“It was too quick! I heard the crackling, went outside, and saw the shed on fire. The whole shed was on fire — I couldn’t believe it,” Bedard explained.

Flames spread so fast the two left everything behind, including their 10 kittens that were just born, and two cats.

“I couldn’t get to the kittens because I could start to feel the heat and I didn’t even get a chance to grab my purse or anything,” said Aguilera-Linas.

Video showed smoke billowing into the sky as flames destroying four homes, some with only a charred foundation left standing. The Sacramento Fire Department is now investigating the cause of the fire.

A search of the homes by firefighters turned up no victims and no injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Red Cross is helping those affected.