EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – A sizzling search has been underway in the foothills for a pig that, so far, has eluded authorities.

It’s been spotted by multiple property owners miles apart from each other in El Dorado County. The Slimmer family is used to seeing animals like wild deer and turkey roam their 10-acre ranch near Lotus, but a peek at a porker – that’s something new.

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“Never seen a pig before,” said Calder Slimmer, who found the animal.

The 150-pound pig is hamming it up at the ranch, rooting in the dirt, and even playing with their 4-month-old puppy.

“Of course, it’s fun. It’s not every day you have a pig wander down your driveway,” Calder said.

They’ve even given it a name.

“We kind of call him Ringo because he has a ring around his neck,” Calder said.

And for the last week, Ringo has been putting on the miles. This not so little piggy has not gone wee wee wee all way home because he may not know where home is. He’s been seen by a whole bunch of people roaming the rural area.

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“We just saw the pig on our property over there and it was just kind of rooting around for food,” said Tracii Auker.

But at times, this “Babe” has been elusive. Twice, El Dorado Animal Control officers have come out to pick it up, but it was gone before they could find it.

“It’s not easy to catch,” said Auker.

They don’t think he’s feral, but rather a domesticated animal that either got loose or was abandoned. The concern now is that it could get hit by a car or attacked by another animal.

“He’s got a little injury on his ear, probably chewed on by dogs,” Max Slimmer said.

The Slimmer family is just hoping someone will recognize Ringo and step up to claim him. If not, they’re OK with making their part-time pig a full-time member of their family.

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“If he wants to live here, we’d look after him,” Max said.