SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Pfizer shot could get FDA approval by next week for kids 12 and up.

“Right now, I don’t feel the need to give it to any of my children,” said Kayla Leard.

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Kayla is still on the fence about getting a COVID-19 vaccine. She hasn’t gotten her shot, and with the possibility of her 14-year-old daughter becoming eligible, she isn’t sure if she will either.

“I guess I haven’t really put too much thought into it because it hasn’t been like a requirement and it hasn’t been talked about as much as it has been for adults,” she said.

“If I had a child that age, I would not hesitate for them to receive it,” said Emily Herbert.

But with some universities requiring full vaccination for fall, we wanted to know if the public school system will follow.  We turned to State Senator Dr. Richard Pan for answers.

“I don’t see this vaccine being mandated in the immediate future,” Dr. Pan said.

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For the vaccine to be part of school immunization requirements, a bill would have to be sponsored and voted on.

“Every vaccine requirement for school has gone through the legislative process,” he said.

Still, Dr. Pan encourages parents to get their kids vaccinated, if eligible.

“And create safe spaces in our schools and other places for them,” he said.

As for Kayla, she hopes the decision to get the vaccine remains a parent’s choice.

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“I guess I would need more proof that it would be necessary to force that into immunization requirements,” she said.