Friday Update: The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says John Torgerson, who was reported missing on Wednesday, was found safe.

Torgerson is reportedly in good health and has since been reunited with his family.

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – A desperate search is underway in Sacramento County. Searchers are doing all they can to help loved ones find a missing man with a history of Alzheimer’s.

The wife of 71-year-old John Torgerson reported him missing Wednesday afternoon near the 2200 block of Garden Highway, prompting an all-out effort to bring him home. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office launched air operations, including its drone, as search crews on the ground alerted neighbors and nearby businesses.

Thursday was a long hot day for search crews and family members scouring Garden Highway near Discovery Park.

“We’ve been out all night. He hasn’t been found and it’s not looking good,” said Sara Rowlett, Torgerson’s sister. “It will be my first sibling if he is not found that I will lose and it’s difficult. You don’t prepare for it enough I guess.”

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Rowlett is determined to find her brother. She worries as Torgerson has late-stage dementia.

“Time is an issue, you know?  The more time that goes, the less chance,” said family member Charles Torgerson.

Family members tell CBS13 that Torgerson also has a heart condition and hasn’t had his medication.

“He doesn’t know much. Like he doesn’t know where he lives. He doesn’t really know who he’s married to. Sometimes he doesn’t know us,” Rowlett told CBS13. “We just want him home.”

“I mean, it’s sad you know?  If that was my family member, I’d really be upset about it,” said fisherman Luis Barrera.

Torgerson went missing not far from the Sacramento River. Fishermen like Barrera are now on alert to look for him.

“I have a grandfather and that really hits home. If he went missing, I would really go crazy a little bit. I really hope they find him,” said Barrera.

“Of course, that’s what we’ve been doing all day long, getting people notified so if by some miracle he’s laying down someplace or he’s fallen… just call 9-1-1,” said Charles Torgerson.

Torgerson was last seen wearing a pink polo shirt, with a yellow sweatshirt over it and blue jeans. Family members are exhausted, but not giving up.

“You know a miracle could happen. Strange things happen. You just hope for the best,” said Charles Torgerson.

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Torgerson wears a necklace with his information considering his history with Alzheimer’s.  The sheriff’s office says they’ll keep searching until they’ve exhausted all leads and efforts.