FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — The Fairfield Police Department has released body camera video of an October 2020 arrest that has come under scrutiny on social media.

Police say officers responded to the neighborhood back on Oct. 20 for a 911 call of a family fight.

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One man was reportedly threatening people with a knife, police say. Officers were able to detain the man – but police say this was the point when three women started obstructing and resisting law enforcement officers.

The situation gained heightened scrutiny recently after a bystander video was posted online, showing the moment when an officer threw a woman to the ground. She appears unconscious after being taken down.

However, police say that bystander video is incomplete. Police say that woman who was seen being taken to the ground had allegedly interfered with the arrest. She also allegedly resisted attempts to be put in handcuffs.

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It was then that the officer took her to the ground. Police acknowledged that the woman’s head hit the pavement and she lost consciousness.

Officers then called paramedics to the scene. Police say the woman regained consciousness before she was taken to the hospital to be treated. She was later released.

On Monday, Fairfield police released an extended body camera video of the incident. It paints the picture of a chaotic and charged scene.

The moment when the woman was taken to the ground starts around the 8:10 mark in the body camera footage. (The video can be seen here. Viewer discretion is strongly advised due to foul language).

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Fairfield police say no formal external complaint was ever field with the department after the incident.