SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A property owner says two neighbors’ German Shepherds are to blame for a brutal attack at her family’s Sacramento farm.

Sebastian Garibaldi grew up alongside the animals on his family’s farm.

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“He’s been with these goats, he loves them as much as we do,” said Sebastian’s mom Guadalupe Garibaldi.

But the number of animals at the farm is now down by at least six after the Garibaldis say two German Shepherds attacked and killed several lambs, goats and chickens overnight Monday.

“There’s blood along the sides of the sideboards,” said Guadalupe.

She says it’s now about recovery. Some animals are limping, wearing a cast to cover their wounds. Others are dealing with internal bruising away from the herd.

“We really don’t know where it started and where it ended,” said Guadalupe.

Her dad, Pedro, discovered the dogs and the carnage they left behind.

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“I tried to push the dogs away,” he said.

Animal control captured one dog, the other jumped the fence and got away.

“These kind of animals mean a lot,” said Pedro Garibaldi.

Guadalupe thinks the dogs belong to a neighbor.

Sacramento County Animal Control says this case is in the City of Sacramento’s jurisdiction but says charges would depend on whether the owners had previous knowledge of the dogs’ behavior towards livestock, and took no action to prevent it.

For the Garibaldis, they’re hoping the owners come forward and take responsibility as the rest of their animals recover.

“Big dogs, they need a lot of space and time to run. They need a lot of attention, some people can’t provide that,” said Garibaldi.

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The county says if the dogs simply escaped a backyard and went on a killing spree, the owners wouldn’t face any criminal charges, but the dogs could be declared vicious and be removed from their owners or​ the owners could be ordered to build an enclosure.