CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – A classic 1940s truck was targeted and stolen in a driveway heist.

Thieves managed to push a vintage 1942 Chevy several blocks through a neighborhood in Carmichael before loading it onto a trailer. Now a family is desperate to find it.

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It’s more than just a truck, it’s an heirloom passed down from a dying father to his sons.

“When I got this truck I could really see my father in it,” said Garret Knight.

It was a final gift to Garret and his brother from their father who passed away from cancer. He spent more than a decade working on it.

“The last year of his life he worked very hard to get this running and get it up here to Sacramento from San Bernardino so the boys could have it,” said Judy Knight, Garret’s mom.

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It was a labor of love that became a target for thieves. The Knight family said the truck disappeared a couple of days ago from the driveway of their home. They immediately reported the theft to CHP.

“If they’re driving anywhere around California, or anywhere in the country, it’s going to be turning heads,” Garret Knight said.

A neighbors distant Ring camera video revealed a lead. A white truck with a trailer can be seen pulling into the cul-de-sac next to the Knights’ home. The thief inside manages to push the 1942 Chevy from the driveway onto the road. Then the thief uses his truck to push the chevy several blocks further, before loading it onto the trailer

“It drives me crazy that somebody violated something that was so precious to our family and that they have the nerve to push it down the street at 3 a.m.,” Garret said.

The truck is so distinctive, Garret has hope someone somewhere will notice it and help bring a father’s love back home.

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“I wish they knew what it meant to my boys, but then I thought it probably wouldn’t matter. If people were going to do that it wouldn’t matter,” Judy said.