STOCKTON (CBS13) – A barrage of bullets rocked a Stockton neighborhood Wednesday morning, leaving sleeping homeowners terrified.

The shooting happened on Colt Drive in the city’s Stonewood neighborhood. Overnight, gunfire left Julio Pequeno’s garage peppered with bullet holes at least 18 shots hitting his garage. Home security video shows a group of people running towards his house and opening fire.

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“They didn’t focus where did they shot. They just like bow, bow, bow, like cowboys,” he explained.

Video from across the street shows three people running up to the house and at least two appear to start shooting. The bullets damaged Pequeno’s wife’s car.

“I said ‘oh my goodness why did this happen to us?’ I don’t mess with the neighbors around here, I try to get along with them,” he said.

Pequeno’s house was one of two that were damaged. Gunfire also hit Martha Limon’s house next door.

“We spend our lives trying to be good people and then just to have someone have fun with firearms out of nowhere, disrupts people’s peace,” she said.

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Three of her family’s cars were damaged. The bullets hit her house and broke windows and taillights on their cars. One bullet even landed in the trunk of her car.

“It was just material, it was just the cars. We were sleeping, but thank god we are still alive,” she said.

Stockton police weren’t called until hours later. Neighbors say they didn’t call to report the shooting at first because they thought they heard fireworks. It wasn’t until neighbors saw the damage that they called the police.

Stockton Police Department spokesperson Officer Joe Silva, is urging people to call police immediately if they suspect they hear gunfire. Police are looking for the suspects seen on video. Investigators are also searching for a motive in the shooting.

“The actions of these suspects from early this morning were very bold and brazen…we are fortunate that nobody got struck by the gunfire,” Silva said. “If you hear gunfire, give us a call — report it so we can get officers in that neighborhood to look for potential suspects that may be involved.”

As police search for the suspects, Pequeno is praying for a new place to live.

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“God take me out of this problem,” he said. “(I’m) looking for a safer place, because I’m not in the condition to deal with that kind of people,” said Pequeno.