DAVIS (CBS13) – Two UC Davis students are victims of a frightening home invasion that happened over the weekend. An angry intruder forced his way inside, stole one student’s car keys, then crashed his car miles away.

The suspect saw the two men locked inside their home on Sunday afternoon but stopped at nothing to break in.

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“Like, that’s not, it’s not normal to…try and break into a house when there’s two grown men staring at you,” said UC Davis student Michael Gago.

Gago and roommate Cory Sterner say the angry stranger, now identified as Robert Kimura Cuellar, confronted them outside.

“As I’m turning my back to him, he just sprints directly at me,” said Sterner.

Speaking with us from his parents’ home in Berkeley, Sterner says he ran inside and locked the doors, but says Kimura Cuellar quickly followed, using a Razor scooter to try and break into their home,

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“He like grabbed it and used it basically like a hammer,” said Gago.

The two students called police and ran out their front door. Investigators say Kimora Cuellar shattered the glass door with the brick, stole the keys to Sterner’s car, then drove off.

He skirted out of there; he was going, like, 45,” said Sterner.

The car was found crashed near Dixon, where police arrested.

“Knowing that there’s some stranger in your room when…there’s nothing you can do about it — very, very…violating,” said Gago.

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After the crash, the suspect got out of that car and actually tried to carjack another car nearby, but failed. The suspect is now in jail on carjacking and attempted carjacking charges.