SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s a crash course in driving reverse.

Surveillance video captures the crazy scene of a car speeding down Del Paso Boulevard backward before slamming into a business.

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Dennis Peterson is the owner of That Guy Eyewear. His business is now boarded up after the wild ride.

Surveillance video shows the backward driver speed into the frame, before hitting the sidewalk and slamming into a wall. The car making a wide turn in reverse at full speed. Way too wide to work.

Surveillance video from inside shows the car shattering the front of the store, rocking the building like an explosion, shattered glass and wood flying everywhere.

“I’m pretty sure I would have been hurt pretty badly especially with the metal beams coming out of the window,” Peterson said.

Peterson has replayed the reverse crash video over and over.

“I don’t think he’s a stunt driver,” Peterson said.

Peterson owns the eyewear and optometry store left in a mess.

“The only thing I could think is, what is he running from,” Peterson said.

Weeks after the crash the building is still boarded up.

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In this underserved community of North Sacramento, That Guy Eyewear had offered no-cost eye exams and free glasses for children.

The damage has suspended that service .

“There’s just no way that I could bring them inside with the damage, it’s just too dangerous for the kids to be in here.”

Some customers are still coming for exams, but many more are staying away. Peterson has decided that, despite the cost of re-construction, he will not close.

“There is an important need in this community for this kind of service,” Peterson said.

He has a vision to make his community better by overcoming the sight of his boarded-up business

“I can’t say that I’ve moved on because there is still a hole in the wall,” Peterson said.

He’s seeking to move forward, from this reversal of fortune.

The Sacramento police found the driver in this case and cited him for a number of moving violations, including hit-and-run with property damage.

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Peterson says he still has no idea why he was driving so fast, in reverse.