SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Twenty-four-year-old Jay Venable was shot and killed while driving along Interstate 5 in Natomas on Sunday.

The California Highway Patrol says the freeway shooting in Sacramento was an isolated incident and the community has no reason to be concerned but for one family their worries are far from over.

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CBS13 spoke to the family of Venable on Tuesday during a carwash to raise money for their loved one’s funeral expenses. His sister, who wasn’t comfortable sharing her name, is re-living the moments from that bloody Sunday.

“There was a recording of dispatch saying she was pulling a lifeless body out of a car and that’s what she did,” she said.

She says Jay’s fiancé dragged him out of their white SUV after it was riddled with bullets

“She was trying to flag down help.”

But for Jay, it was too late.

“He took his last breath on my sister-in-law,” she said.

Jay’s fiancé is now left with scars of her own.

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“She wakes up every morning crying. Her cries you can hear through the whole house,” said Jay’s sister.

What CHP is calling an isolated highway shooting has left a family without a father.

“He does have two kids,“ she said.

Only seven years old and nine months old, Jay’s sister tells us both kids were inside of the car when the shooting happened and both are lucky to be alive.

“I think it’s a miracle because there was way more than one bullet. I mean glass breaking all of that. I think it’s a miracle,” said Jay’s sister, who tells us her brother’s seven-year-old daughter remembers a group of bikers surrounding the car before shots rang out.

“It was a motorcycle gang of about 30…and there was two cars following behind the motorcycle gang,” she said.

Despite this information, CHP has made no arrests.

As for Jay’s family, they say they won’t have peace until they have justice for Jay.

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“I hope you get caught. Your time will come. You’ll get what’s coming for you,” said Jay’s sister.