CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (CBS13/KPIX) – A coyote that attacked at least five people in Contra Costa County has been caught and euthanized.

It will now be tested for rabies at UC Davis.

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The coyote is said to have attacked a small child on July 9, 2020, a man on December 4, 2020, another man on December 15, 2020, another small child on February 16, 2021, and another man on February 19, 2021.

All the attacks occurred within a two-mile area along the Lafayette/Moraga corridor, according to California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Law Enforcement Captain Patrick Foy. Authorities from several different law enforcement and state and federal wildlife agencies worked diligently to find the coyote.

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On Thursday, CDFW’s wildlife forensics lab matched the DNA of the coyote to samples taken from each of the five victims.

UC Davis veterinary staff will conduct a rabies test, which is standard procedure in a situation like this, Foy said.

Experts advise that coyotes can be unpredictable and that if you are followed by a coyote, make loud noises to shoo them away or throw rocks in the animal’s direction if that fails. Do not leave small children or pets unattended outside. Special care should be taken at dusk and dawn when coyotes are known to be more active.

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More information on coyote safety can be found at