COLFAX (CBS13) — A marijuana transaction over social media landed a 14-year-old in the hospital.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office says the young person overdosed on marijuana edibles after purchasing the product from a 19-year-old black market dealer.

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“These juveniles are ingesting marijuana candies and it’s proving to be way too much for their system and they end up getting really sick,” Placer County Sheriff’s spokesperson Angela Musallam said. “In recent years, marijuana edibles have taken many juveniles to the hospital.”

Christian Brock-Hurtado, 19, was arrested last week for allegedly selling these edibles to the teen over the popular social media site Snapchat.

“It’s become increasingly popular to use social media to connect with people and, unfortunately, the criminal element has taken advantage of that and now targets youth through social media platforms like Snapchat,” Mussallam said. “This is the increasing way that we’re finding out that kids are using to try and score their drugs illegally.”

The general manager of a local dispensary says despite the legalization of weed, black market marijuana is very popular.

“If someone’s not old enough to come into a club like this, in the black market all bets are off,” Brandon with Mainstage Sacramento said.

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Brandon says black market marijuana is also very dangerous.

“It hasn’t been tested by a regulated lab so there could be all kinds of things that could be in there. You can get very sick,” he said.

Mussallam said there’s no quality control in the black market.

“The package that you saw in the photo that we posted it claimed a certain amount of milligrams of THC. This may be a fraudulent bag,” she said.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office says they do not know the condition of the 14-year-old who was hospitalized.

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The 19-year-old suspect was hit with several charges including child endangerment.