SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento leaders have voted in favor of keeping the city’s overnight shelters open year-round.

Council members voted unanimously on Tuesday to keep the city’s shelters open regardless of the temperature. Previously, emergency shelters would only be opened when temperatures were at or below 32 degrees.

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The severe storm that hit the Sacramento area earlier in the year, along with the deaths of several homeless people, spurred city advocates to push for keeping shelters open.

Tuesday’s decision approves a $3 million budget to keep the shelters open through at least June 30. The shelters currently being run by the city include the Library Galleria, the City Hall parking garage, and the Capitol Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

In total, the shelters have around 1,200 beds, about one-fifth of the number of homeless people estimated to be living in Sacramento County.

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The city says around 80 people use the warming centers each night.