SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Lisa Lindsay has been picking up the pieces after a devastating fire ripped through her South Sacramento home, but it’s what happened after the flames were put out that broke her heart even more.

Looters broke into her house, plucked through the last of her belongings and took anything left that could have been salvaged.

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“We’ve noticed three TVs missing and I’ll show you upstairs. They opened every drawer, turned over everything, went through everything,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay had just rented a storage unit hoping to save the few items that weren’t destroyed by the fire.

“In my closet, everything is thrown about,” she said. “They were here for a very long time.”

Lindsay had previously worried the flames destroyed the urn holding her 21-year-old son Trey’s ashes. Trey died in 2017 from kidney disease. Lindsay donated her own kidney trying to save him.

Thankfully, she found the urn untouched but is now facing more upset.

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“It’s just hard to put into words,” Lindsay said. “You think things are bad and can’t get any worse, and you find out it can get worse.”

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But as Lindsay struggles to come to grips with such a heartless act, there are those who’ve shown some do have compassion.

“We have strangers who are giving money to help us buy clothes, to help us buy food, to help us find somewhere to live,” she said.

So perhaps not all is lost in the cruel behavior of a few when so many others have come forward to make it right.

“I just thank you so much, so much,” Lindsay said. “I will pay it forward when I get my life back together, I am going to pay it forward to someone else.”

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Lindsay is also still missing one of her cats. There is still no word on what started the fire.