HUGHSON (CBS13) – Two men were arrested in Stanislaus County after one of the men allegedly slashed a man’s tire when he refused to help them jump their car.

On January 11, 2021, a man was walking into a store when he was approached by two men who asked if he could help them jumpstart their car, say police. The man refused and went inside. When he returned, he found that one of his tires had been punctured. He then spotted the two men he met earlier driving away in a grey four-door vehicle.

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Police say the man got into his vehicle and followed the men. At some point, he cut them off with his vehicle and got out. But when he did, he noticed both men were wearing black ski masks. One of the men emerged from the vehicle holding a gun and attempted to rob the man, say police. The man got back into his vehicle and fled.

Later on, police say they learned about the vandalism to the man’s car and eventually found the suspects. Both subjects were detained. They are identified as Camron Sutton, 19, and Jesse Holmboe, 24, who is on probation.

During a search of the suspects and their vehicle, deputies discovered Sutton allegedly had someone else’s mail, an SNR .357 BB gun, an AR BB gun, a flat blade screwdriver, and a black marker.

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Holmboe also allegedly had someone else’s mail and pills, which he reported were ecstasy.

Sutton and Holmboe reportedly admitted to mail theft, while Sutton admitted to puncturing the tire of the man’s vehicle with a flat blade screwdriver.

Sutton was arrested on charges of two counts of misdemeanor vandalism and mail theft. Holmboe was arrested on charges of possession of white powdery substance, mail theft, and falsely identified himself to be someone else.

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Holmboe and Sutton were booked into the Stanislaus Detention Center.