FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — The new year means an old friend has returned to Fair Oaks.

“It’s interesting,” said Justin Gordan with a chuckle.

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A cul-de-sac off Fair Oaks Boulevard is home to many – including a very daring doe.

“It’s not very scared. It kinda comes up to you,” said Gordan.

The doe is not a stranger to the neighborhood. Last July, she was spotted about a mile away. She was tranquilized and tagged by Fish and Wildlife, then released back into the wood.

But, she was then spotted a month ago at a nearby apartment complex where people were apparently feeding her. She was relocated again – and has now showed up again right in the same area.

“She arrived on New Year’s Day. She was with a male,” said Noura Serrano.

Serrano has a birds’ eye view of the doe from her front door. She says the doe leaves maybe once or twice a day, then comes back and then stays there and sleeps.

“We wake up to her and go to sleep with her there,” Serrano said.

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The doe seems downright domesticated. She will let you come within ten feet or so, but Ella Gordan and her twin sister keep their distance.

“I watch it out the window sometimes,” she said.

Meanwhile, their dad watches what happens.

“It eats the berries off the bush and is eating some shrubs,” he said. “[She] hasn’t been a hassle or anything.”

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It’s a bit of wildlife right in the middle of suburbia. How she continues to get there is a feat in and of itself.

“Fair Oaks boulevard is pretty busy,” said Gordan. “It’s like a Disney story.”

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Fish and Wildlife have already been notified. The doe is being monitored by wildlife advocates.