SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A driver was caught on camera trying to run over a man not once, but twice in a Sacramento County neighborhood.

Neighbors claim the altercation was a break up gone wrong. They say they spotted a woman driving on La Riviera Drive Monday morning.

“We could’ve had someone murdered on our street like that’s insane,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Security video from a home captures a driver in a green SUV off-roading on a nearby front lawn. The driver barely misses a man walking on the sidewalk. The man then appears to throw something at the car as it drives off. Video shows the driver circling around a second time, revving their engine and then driving straight towards the man.

“You could tell they were fighting. She was screaming and he said ‘I’m breaking up with you,'” a neighbor explained.

The car almost hit the man, as he barely gets out of the way in time.

The car then slammed into a fence and sped away. The homeowner who does not want to be identified says her grandfather watched the action unfold from his window.

“He looked up and he saw the screaming and the car swerving around. When he saw the video and the fence. He was really upset, it’s just another thing to worry about this year,” she explained.

Nearby neighbors said they are shocked and upset about the altercation playing out in front of their house.

“That was definitely intended for damage and that’s alarming in itself,” said Javier Mederos.

The altercation is causing Mederos to rethink family time outside.

“It’s alarming having kids outside, it pretty much eliminates our wishes to have them outside,” he said.

Both the driver and the man who appears to have been targeted left in opposite directions, leaving neighbors to deal with the mess.

“Something needs to happen to her. She needs to go to jail, she needs to pay for what she was doing, especially trying to run over someone. That’s crazy,” said a neighbor.

Neighbors filed a report with CHP and are hoping that someone is able to identify the SUV.