CAMINO (CBS13) – President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis has health experts stressing even outdoor gatherings can be risky. It raises even more concerns as California continues to reopen.

Families filed into Apple Hill on Saturday to enjoy a weekend outdoors.

“Driving up the hill, we saw the smoke but we’re here anyway,” said Danielle Sawtelle.

But it’s not like years past for Danielle Sawtelle and her kids.  The looming pandemic is in the back of her mind.

“We went through the line quickly and we’re enjoying the pumpkin patch outdoors. But we still have our masks on just in case.

Doctors say that extra step is critical even outdoors.

“Early on we were paying a lot of attention to disinfection and handwashing and that’s still good, but the primary route of transmission is the respiratory route and that’s what we really need to concentrate our efforts on,” said UC Davis Infectious Disease expert, Dr. Dean Blumberg.

Now after several COVID-19 cases following last week’s event at the White House Rose Garden, Dr. Blumberg says even though outdoors, it shows there’s a risk without masks or social distancing.

“If people were distancing or wearing masks, I think there would have been less transmission at an event like that,” said Dr. Blumberg.

While the Sawtelle family is having outdoor weekend fun, they’re still taking precautions.

“Just keeping it simple, one or two people, but with masks on is what we’re gonna do,” said Sawtelle.