If you’re superstitious, then it would only make sense that 2020 has 13 full moons.

The next, a full Harvest Moon will rise Thursday night, kicking off October. The month will end with another full moon on Halloween, known as blue Hunter’s Moon.

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A Harvest Moon is a full moon that happens close to the autumn equinox, which this year came on September 22. A Harvest Moon can rise in both September or October.

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A Hunter’s Moon, which is also known as a blood moon, usually happens in October. According to legend, it’s the time of year when hunters tracked and killed prey by autumn moonlight to store meat for the winter.

A blue moon is simply the second full moon to rise in one month and does not actually appear to be blue. But a full blue Hunter’s Moon is a rather rare sight. Blue moons happen about every three years, or “once in a blue moon.”

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So what does it all mean? Superstition surrounds full moons and numbers, such as 13 being unlucky and full moons giving rise to crazy behavior. If you’re a believer, a full blue Hunter’s Moon should just be another event in an already crazy year.