FOLSOM(CBS13) — A dispute over the right of way turned violent on a trail in Folsom.

Stuart Johnson is days into his recovery after being beaten and left on the ground at the Willow Creek trail in Folsom. His broken jaw is still swollen. His chest and other parts of his body are scraped and bruised.

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“I think I’ve been lucky and I will be okay, I think,” Johnson said.

Johnson was running on the trail when he was reportedly confronted by a man and woman on beach cruisers. He says at one point the man elbowed him. Moments later, they got into a fight over the right of way.

Johnson says he ran away and that’s when the man came after him and attacked. He says the woman also threw a large rock moments before he was beaten and knocked unconscious. That’s when a passerby came to his rescue.

“They saw me laying on the ground and they say he was stomping and kicking on me,” Johnson explained.

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That mystery person called 911 to get him help.

“I’m grateful for the people that were around and stepped up and helped, yeah,” Johnson said.

His wife Ashley Cowgill says police have not told them who helped Johnson.

“We are internally grateful for whoever did stop,” said Cowgill.

Johnson and his wife hope any witnesses come forward to help identify the man and woman so they can be held responsible for leaving him bloody and bruised.

“I think it’s important for everyone who uses the trail in Folsom,” Johnson said.

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Folsom police have seen an increase in people using trails citywide since the start of the pandemic, but haven’t seen a crime like this until now.