YOLO COUNTY(CBS13) — A head-on crash claimed the life of a local farmer just hours before his 76th birthday.  Now neighbors are raising concerns over the stretch of road where Kent Lang was killed.

Tracy Kane is ready to put a sign reading, “You are killing our neighbors! Slow down!” outside her Old River Road home following the death of her neighbor Kent.

He’s a father described as a staple in the community, a local farmer and a veteran. His son Kyle is devastated over his dad’s death.

“So it’s just tragic,” Kyle said.

Kent died last week after being hit head-on by a reckless driver on Old River Road. His wife Karen, who was also in the truck, is still in the hospital. Kyle says people are always speeding on Old River Road.

“I think just people slow down and be aware,” he said.

Tracy says she’s had at least eight crashes near her home.

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“People are just driving this road too fast. It’s just, it has got to slow down, it has to stop,” she said.

CBS13 pressed CHP for numbers on how many accidents have occurred this year on Old River Road but haven’t heard back. So, we decided to spend the day seeing how bad the problem really is. The speed limit on Old River Road is 55 miles per hour. With a speed gun, we caught several drivers going faster than the speed limit — the fastest was 63 miles per hour.

Kyle just wants people to slow down.

“Hopefully, we can come up with some solution to make that road safe. It’s become real dangerous and needs to be addressed,” he said.

CBS13 also spoke with the Yolo County Supervisor for the area. He says they have had crews come out to trim trees so people can better see the road.