ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Hearing a car drive by your home is one thing, but hearing of thieves hopping into your neighbor’s backyard is another.

That’s what’s happening in the Blue Oaks area of west Roseville, according to the Roseville Police Department.

“It happened actually just across the street from us so we’re always concerned,” Chuck Lano, a Blue Oaks area resident, said. “The neighborhood is always proactive on things like that. But this hit very close to home.”

Kelly Comer, another Blue Oaks resident, said, “I just hope that people make the right decisions especially when you’re stuck at home and you want that to be your safe haven, your oasis.”

With the outdoor oasis trend, things like TVs, stereo equipment, landscaping and pool gear have been stolen in similar incidents in Roseville, according to police.

The Roseville ACE Hardware said it has seen plenty of people visit looking for things to transform their backyard – and those things aren’t cheap.

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“Outdoor power equipment is huge for us,” Stacey Gresko, of Roseville ACE Hardware, said. “It’s something that people have to do prep on the space before they can bring in the umbrella, before they can bring in the patio sets.”

Before there’s a chance for someone to steal these kinds of items, police said to make sure everything is bolted down and locked away. That is to ensure your backyard oasis doesn’t turn into temptation island for thieves.

“This is something that could happen anywhere in the region,” Rob Baquera, of the Roseville Police Department, said. “Anyone who invests a little money in their backyard, puts an entertaining space or even has an expensive lawnmower – they’re at risk.”

It’s a risk that some people aren’t willing to take – not in their backyard.

“We’re being proactive, always have been,” Lano said.

“I do have nice German Shephard, a big dog, which is my security guard,” Tivurcio Rodriguez, a Blue Oaks resident, said.

The police department said that people should consider adding motion lights and/or security cameras, which may be a good idea when creating their oasis.