SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — People who haven’t paid rent in months can stay in their homes at least until the end of January, thanks to a bill signed into law Monday night.

State lawmakers approved a bill that would ban evictions for tenants who did not pay their rent between March 1 through Aug. 31 due to the pandemic. It also bans evictions for people through the end of January, if they can pay 25% of their rent.

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Mom Victoria says months of bills are stacking up, she’s only working two days a week, and she’s not eligible for unemployment.

“Rent, bills, you know, that kind of stuff it doesn’t wait for you,” Victoria said.

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Some days she says it a struggle to find food to eat.

“My son is already 19 he knows if there is food today there is, and if there isn’t, there isn’t. But like him [her young son], he doesn’t know,” she said.

Johanna Heyer is with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and a renter herself. She says the move does give temporary relief but in the next five months, people may still be out of work and struggling financially.  She says more needs to be done.

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“Maybe people will be protected for a few months but if we don’t ban evictions and give some sort of rent forgiveness people are going to be forced out of their homes either now or in a few months in 6 months,” she said.