FOLSOM (CBS13) – There’s a budding sense of excitement with hair salons and barbershops on Sunday following the new reopening criteria unveiled by Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday.

“We needed this so bad and so soon,” Jill Cromwell, co-owner of Maribou Salon in Folsom, said.

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“Honestly, for us, the financial ramifications and being allowed to open back up and stop the bleeding,” Larry Cromwell, also a co-owner of Maribou Salon, said. “But also super stressed because there’s a lot of work that goes into reopening and the preparation with the protocols.”

These businesses are soon going to have the ability to reopening indoor operations with modifications.

“I’m just super excited to be back in the salon. I know my clients are really excited,” Amber Friedrichs, a hairstylist At Maribou Salon, said.

“We built dividers between the shampoo bowls, plexiglass, put in a lot of different systems – the temperature takers, the questionnaires that we ask the clients and also getting all of the supplies,” Larry Cromwell said.

California’s new reopening criteria have put counties into tiers that go into effect Monday.

According to the state, a county has to meet specific thresholds for new cases and positivity rates before more things can expand reopening.

“I think what they are trying to do is correct, yes. It’s not 100 percent clear to us yet,” Larry Cromwell said. “I think we are waiting for the state board to take a good look at it to explain it to us better.”

A better understanding could come from what each county issues with each reopening stage.

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Sacramento County told CBS13 via text message, “Public Health is working out the details this weekend and likely into Monday. They would have firm details by Monday PM or Tuesday AM.”

There’s still some anxiety for owners we spoke to when comes to getting the green light to reopen again.

“I’m also a little bit nervous. Is this going to be another yo-yo? Are we going to be able to stay open?” Jill Cromwell said.

But not everyone is heading back to their shop.

“We’re leaving the state of California,” Michael Perry, a licensed barber in the state, said.

The pandemic hit hard for Perry, as it did many others.

After the last two closures, having to do hair appointments in his garage and work odd jobs for money, he said he’s done cutting hair here.

Even with this new green light, he said California isn’t cutting it for his profession.

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“Although shops are opening up on Monday, the restrictions that are in place, I can’t predict if they’re going to close us again,” Perry said. “And, I can’t outlive from week to week; month to month if they’re going to open or close.”