PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — A protest in Placerville to abolish the “Hangtown” nickname was largely peaceful Friday evening.

Several demonstrators including community activist Selah Love lined Main Street outside of the El Dorado County courthouse.

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“This should be a safe space for everybody. Moving to this town I was not safe, my children were not safe here. And I mean in the schools, I mean walking down Main Street right here, we did not feel safe,” Love said.

The Hangtown nickname refers to the California Gold Rush era and the town’s history of hangings. Counter protestors on Friday said the nickname should stay in place.

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“I would like to see this stay like this. It’s always been like this, from what? 1800 or something? If you don’t like it, don’t live here. This is the way it should be up here. The way they started,” Janice, a Placerville resident, said.

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After another Black man was shot by police, this time in Wisconsin, tensions in communities like Placerville are high.

“This is more of a racist county than I thought it was,” Loretta Reddog said.

Reddog has lived in Placerville for 12 years. She says she’s staying to make the town a better place.

“It’s going to make me cry but it’s more important for me to be here right now showing support. As small as it is, but because it’s underrepresented and it’s racist,” Reddog said.

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Placerville police officers were present for the protest and managed to keep demonstrators apart.