SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California public health officials released guidelines for the so-called pandemic pods some families are using to help kids learn at home.

The state says the groups, or cohorts, should have no more than 14 kids and two adults. Face masks must also be worn at all times, physical distancing is encouraged, and officials say the groups should not interact with one another at any point.

This guidance is for groups of children in “in controlled, supervised, and indoor environments operated by local educational agencies, non-profits, public and private schools, child care providers, recreation programs, before- and after-school programs, youth groups, and day camps,” California Department of Public Health said.

Some school districts have resumed in-person learning already, including the Rescue Union School District in El Dorado Hills. A student at Lakeview Elementary school tested positive for the virus on Sunday, but due to the strict protocols in place, only an 11-student cohort and their teacher were forced to quarantine, the rest of the school was able to continue on as normal.