VACAVILLE (CBS13) — The Salvation Army and CBS13 have teamed up to bring support to families impacted by the LNU Lightning Complex fire, as well as those on the front lines.

“These crews are here all night, so we’ve been here for a week,” Major Randy Hartt with the Salvation Army said.

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At the pop-up incident command center at Mission Church in Vacaville, the Salvation Army has been providing first responders food, water and just a place to unwind during the LNU Lightning Complex Fire.

“When these men and women come off the line they’ve seen things, they need to be able to calm down they need to de-stress,” Hartt said.

Sgt. Michael Waller with Solano OES, who has evacuated himself, has been leading the morning briefings for the past week, designating emergency personnel from Solano and Contra Costa County their assignment for the day.

“I can’t quantitate the value of how important it is to be able to come here, get a meal, decompress for a second and just recharge their batteries both physically and mentally,” Waller said.

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Down at the command center, homeowners can pick up permits to be escorted back to their properties like the area on Spencer Lane in the English Hills where all that’s left is a charred truck and the foundation of this home.

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Dan Nash, who lives in this neighborhood, picked up a permit Monday morning so he could access his property.

“We woke up eight people as we were evacuating and had we not have woke them up, they would have been gone their home was destroyed,” Nash said.

On a street where the relentless flames appeared to choose their path at random, Nash’s home is remarkably still standing.

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“It’s hard looking at people as you hug them you’re looking at your property and you’re looking at their property and, why me?” Nash said.

Back at the command center, the Salvation Army prepares another round of meals, while first responders collect pet food and bales of hay to deliver to properties hit the hardest.

It’s all hands on deck to help give a community — and those protecting it — the strength to rise from the ashes.

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CBS13 and Good Day Sacramento are partnering up to raise money for fire survivors and evacuees. Donations can be made here.